woensdag, september 13, 2006

Photo Friday: Boy

Finally a new upload. It's for this weeks PhotoFriday contest with the subject 'Boy'.
The picture was taken on Queensday (Koninginnedag - 30 April) this year.
30-04 | 12:01
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vrijdag, april 28, 2006

Almost happy birthday to me...

Wow, I can't believe that's it's been over a month since I've posted. I don't dare to take a look at my stats. Maybe the've closed down my account sinc I have no visitors anymore. Too bad (?) I'm not such a 'stat-freak' like Sander :-)
11-04 | 08:36
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zondag, maart 26, 2006

Snow vs Sun

I think that spring has finally set in. We went to summertime last night; today was sunny, warm(ish) and it looks like temperatures won't drop below 10 for a while. So here's a goodbye to the season of snow.
01-03 | 17:36
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zondag, maart 12, 2006

The circus is back in town

And Alonso did it again...
See more pictures here.
27-10-2005 | 20:35
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zaterdag, maart 11, 2006


Dank je, Tjerk.
03-03 | 17:40
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Bright skies above Diemen-Zuid

It's been a while since I've posted something. Sorry for that all you regulars! But as you may understand there has been one much more interesting way to spend my time...
03-03 | 17:32
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zaterdag, februari 18, 2006


Okay, okay. I promised you that I wouldn't fill this blog with just baby pictures. But last weeks PhotoFriday just asked for 'Blurry Amke'. And can I help it that this weeks contest is 'Baby'.
So here she is again... My baby.
15-02 | 14:16
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Some more tulips

11-02 | 14:43
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dinsdag, februari 14, 2006

It's tulip time again!

In between changing daipers, taking pictures of Amke (which I will post at eMBe-life as soon as I have time to pick some nice ones and post them), doing household stuff, trying to catch some sleep and enjoying the presence of my strong wife and beautiful daughter, I found some time to shoot som pics of one of my favorite objects: tulips. See this photo at my old blog for example.
I like the way they are all different: different shapes, colours, ways of growing, ways of decaying. With this one it was the colours and the structure of the flower.
I'll post more pictures of this series later.
11-02 | 14:42
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Blurry Amke

A blurry Amke for this weeks PhotoFriday contest. Here our little girl is 3 days minus 3 hours old.
By the way: she not crying, she's yawning.

Do you like this picture? Vote for it here. It's no.801.
11-02 | 13:39
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donderdag, februari 09, 2006

Amke Willemijn Belgraver

Negen maanden geleden is God in Mila een nieuw leven begonnen. Vandaag heeft Hij dat leven aan ons beiden toevertrouwd. We gaan ons best doen om onze dochter samen met God groot te brengen.

Nine months ago God created a new life in Mila. Today he entrusted that life to the both of us. We will try our best to raise her together with God.

Ze heet / Her name is: Amke Willemijn Belgraver
en is geboren op / and was born on: 08-02-2006, 16:44

You can already send her an e-mail at: AmkeBelgraver@gmail.com

For more pictures see http://eMBe-life.blogspot.com.
Don't worry, I won't fill this blog with just babypictures.

With thanks to Erlinde for taking this picture.
08-02 | 19:50
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maandag, februari 06, 2006

It's getting older

As you can see at the left, just below the center, at some places there is some paint missing. At other places you could see some pretty big cracks in the ceiling. Too bad, couse it's real pretty what they made.
09-05-05 | 12:28
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